Case Studies

Discover our Partner Success Stories


Case One:

A vitamin company collaborated with Sancilio, evolving into a NYSE-listed, hormone-centric drug enterprise

  • An entrepreneur sought Sancilio's expertise to transition from a vitamin distr ibutor to a specialty pharmaceutical venture.​


  • We crafted a strategy to introduce unique, patented hormone products, aiming for approval via the 505B2 NDA program.


Case Two:

An attorney who acquired IP rights for an Alzheimer's program now is a board member and major shareholder of a multimillion-dollar public firm.​

  • While helping a local investment bank evaluate opportunities, an attorney presented his plans to develop a new Alzheimer's drug.


  • The dosage form being touted was impractical, but the new drug, a prodrug of an improved product, showed promise.



Case Three:

A budding company with seasoned leadership sought IP and development guidance; today, they've initiated two orphan drug programs and recently completed a reverse merger.​

  • A dynamic CEO of a microcap public company teamed up with Sancilio to steer their developmental pathway.


  • Despite budget constraints, Sancilio activated a global team of developers and clinicians to:
    • Innovate Intellectual Property with patents for unique chemical entities targeting rare disorders.
    • Navigate complexities by establishing protocols for importing and exporting Controlled Substance clinical materials.
    • Harness Sancilio’s global network to facilitate preclinical studies, toxicology, and Phase 1 & 2 clinical trials.


Case Four:

A university professor exploring a repurposed drug's potential as an antiviral is now Chief Science Officer of a clinical stage biopharmaceutical company with a groundbreaking treatment for multiple respiratory viruses.​

  • In the face of a global pandemic, Sancilio was entrusted with testing potential therapeutic solutions using its network.


  • A pioneering professor identified a groundbreaking mechanism that rendered the "human host" unsuitable for viral replication